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Three Simple Tax Saving Solutions

Do you put off business expenses? The end of the year is the perfect time to purchase much needed equipment for your business and write it off for tax year 2013. Here are a few ideas and tips: Buy what your business needs  Frivolous expenses do not count, especially in the IRS’s eyes. For example, […]

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Organizing Your Financial Life: A Few Pointers

Even if you’re determined to organize your personal financial life, it’s easy to get lost. Don’t try to figure out and master all the personal organizers and electronic gadgets that are supposed to make it easier. Meanwhile that stack of unattended paperwork multiplies like dust bunnies behind a desk. Disorganization and procrastination can be difficult […]

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The Game of Time Management: Tips to help you win it.

You’ve tried all of the time management techniques offered by the experts. You’ve attended seminars about getting organized, setting goals and working through your
”to-do” list. Yet, the pace of your work life is still more than you can handle. Here’s an approach to time management that will actually help you feel in control and restore […]

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Tax Breaks for Contractors

Tax Breaks for Independent Contractors

If you’re an independent contractor, it’s imperative that you understand the tax rules involved. For tax purposes, independent contractors are treated as if they are running their own businesses. This makes them eligible for many tax benefits that are limited or not available to employees. Federal and state taxes are not withheld on behalf of […]

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